Reasons Why Scott Walker Won Re-Election in Wisconsin

Scott Walker, the Republican governor of the state of Wisconsin, won his re-election on November 4th 2014. During the voting that took place on the day of the latest midterm elections, Walker More »


How Much Can a Stock Broker Earn in Wisconsin?


Stock brokers are the sales agents who basically buy & sell securities like bonds and stocks for the brokerage firms. They also buy and sell bonds & stocks for other financial institutions, like banks. Most employers prefer people with bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, economics or finance, although an MBA might be needed for advancement. Stock brokers have to register as representatives of their firms with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. This basically requires employment of at-least 4 months & will also require passing an exam.

Stockbrokers in Wisconsin normally work for about 40 hours per week in their offices, although the shifts might at times include evenings & weekends so as to accommodate their client schedules. They might also need to travel outside their offices so as to meet with the clients. The job might at times be stressful, because the employees are usually under pressure from the employers to-generate sales, & from the clients to find-profitable investments. As of November the year 2014, the median-salary for the stock brokers in Green Bay Wisconsin was at $55,302 annually, with the range of $40,754 to $62,866. The salary for a Stock Broker in Green-Bay, Wisconsin varies depending on various factors. If interested in earning a decent wage as in this profession, investing a bit of money training to be a stock broker is always an option.

Some of the biggest/best employers of stock brokers are the securities and the commodities brokerage firms, which basically comprise of more than 46 % of total 271,670 positions. Most of the bigger employers of stock brokers usually pay a mean average of about $ 51.63 a hour, or a mean salary of about $ 107,400 a year. Some of the highest paying-employers are the wholesalers of the metals and the minerals, who pay a mean salary of about $84.97 an hour, or a mean salary of about $ 176,730 a year. Those appearing at the top 5 for both the employment and the pay, are the financial investment activities, like the investment advisers and the financial planners. They typically provide almost 10 % of total jobs and they normally pay the mean salary of about $54.36 a hour, or a mean salary of about $ 113,070 a year.

The state that has the highest/top employment for stock brokers is New York. There are about 36,500 stock brokers who receive a mean salary of $ 60.36 a hour, or $-125,550 a year. The state of Connecticut appears in top 5 for employment with about 6,680 positions, & ranks number 1 for salaries with a mean of about $77.46 a hour, or $-161,110 a year.City which has the best-salaries is Stamford- Connecticut, where about 5,120 stock brokers receive the mean salary of $82.57 a hour, or $-171,740 a year. Within Wisconsin there’s a lot of variation in stock broker pay. The variations basically depend on a wide-range of factors which range from population to the general competitiveness of the market.

The bureau sees the employment of stock brokers growing by 9 percent between the year 2009 to the year 2018, that’s about average-for all jobs. Although the population growth-will demand investment services which stock brokers can provide, consolidation-in the financial industry plus the global financial-problems will reduce employment. The competition for the jobs will be quite intense, because there are more applicants nowadays than there are openings. The turn over is particular-high for new comers. The ones with graduate degrees & certificates will possibly find some of the best prospects.

How Marinette Marine Corp. is Helping Wisconsin’s Economy

gunner ship

Marinette Marine Corp. has been working along the Menominee River since 1942 to help assist in the construction of many naval vessels. MMC has a massive manufacturing and warehouse facility that is more than half a million square feet in size up in Marinette, Wisconsin. The company continues to be the largest employer in the marine manufacturing industry in Wisconsin.

MMC has been very active with the construction of all sorts of ships for an extensive variety of clients. The company is currently working on the construction of six Littoral Combat Ships for the United States Navy. The company has an extensive schedule of projects to work with as its plans up to the year 2019 have been fully booked, thus ensuring that MMC will continue to influence the state’s economy.

MMC has especially been working for the US Navy thanks to its strong construction materials and the fact that it offers advanced vessels that are made on time and within the budgets that have been contracted to the company. Marinette also focuses on utilizing careful and safe measures to ensure that the right materials are built and utilized as needed.

The jobs that are provided are especially important to see. MMC and many other marine companies around Wisconsin are providing the state with more than 3,000 jobs. MMC is particularly responsible for more than 600 daily jobs while bringing in thousands of people through its facility on a daily basis. The company has particularly been offering an extensive variety of jobs that pay quite a bit of money. Many people are earning at least $45,000 per year or more; some of the finest welders at Marinette Marine Corp. are getting $70,000 or more with many coming near the six-digit salary range.

What’s more is that MMC has been contributing a great deal of money to the state’s economy. It is estimated that the overall value of the marine manufacturing industry within the state of Wisconsin is at about $6 billion. The lack of competition thanks to many marine companies being based in different markets around Wisconsin or having strong ties with one another only goes to add more help as needed.

What’s more is that MMC and other marine companies around Wisconsin are looking towards the future to enhance the state of the marine construction industry as a whole. They created the North Coast Marine Manufacturing Alliance as a means of helping to recruit different students from high schools and other places like technical colleges.

The Importance of Deer Hunting Safety from DNR Wisconsin

red deer hunting - Copy

Wisconsin prides itself on having large tracts of hunting grounds as well as an abundant supply of hunting game. During the hunting season, many individuals both residents As well as non-residents will take part in some hunting activity. Deer hunting is without-a-doubt one of the most popular options. And in order to have an exciting and memorable experience, it is necessary to ensure safety prevails at all times. Without good safety policies, the hunting expedition can turn out to be a disaster.

The first step to a good hunting experience is learning how to handle the firearm. Handling the accessory is more than just buying a quality hunting rifle or gun. It is also about knowing when and how to use it. This is why a person planning to hunt game is required to have a hunting license. The license is given after the individual proves that he is able to use the firearm in a proper manner. Good use of the rifle minimizes accidental injury or wastage of pellets or cartridges.

The goal of hunting is to bring down an animal. A person who has been trained properly and posses wealth of hands-on-experience will find it easy compared to a first timer. However, the animal still needs to be treated in an ethical manner. The aim is to trap or hunt the animal without inflicting lots of pain. Deer hunting safety from DNR Wisconsin sets out proper guidelines on how to go about hunting a deer.

Another important aspect of deer hunting safety from DNR is that it helps in conserving the environment. Unregulated hunting not only leads to wastage of resources but also destroys the animal habitat. Poor deer hunting skills also lead to too many animals especially young ones being eliminated. This usually affects the natural balance in the long term. It is therefore necessary to make sure the rules and regulations set out by DNR Wisconsin are strictly followed.

Hunting deer is one of the favorite pastimes for many people. It allows a person to relax as well as experience a change of environment. Some people love the open fields; others find the wild bush exciting, while some simply love the rush of adrenaline. Nonetheless, the only way to be guaranteed of maximum satisfaction is by making certain safety procedures are followed. A hunter should be well versed with proper use of firearms, treating the animals’ right, and also ensuring the environment is not destroyed.

Jubilation as Lambeau Field Gets Self-serve Beer Courtesy of Green Bay Packers

self-serve beer station - Copy

Wisconsin football fans are looking forward to a great season for the Green Bay Packers as they introduce new self-serve beer at Lambeau Field. This is becoming a popular way to attract hoards of fans to football games. In the previous season for instance, Minnesota Twin became the first team in the major baseball league to serve beer using self-service stations.

The Packers expect to thrill their fans given the beer dispensing machines’ efficiency which gives fans that are of drinking age the opportunity
to drink as much beer as it’s legally allowed by the Alcohol Laws of Wisconsin. You don’t however have to worry about going above your limit since the self-serve machines are calibrated to dispense the same amount of beer as the ordinary beer-stands in Lambeau Field.

Age Restrictions

Since the 1st of July 1984, the legal drinking age in Wisconsin has been 21 years and above. This means that the 1983 Wisconsin Act 74 keeps the state in compliance with the National Minimum Drinking Age or NMDA, for short. The Packers don’t intend to break this rule hence the reason why you have to produce an ID as you buy your $ 20 beer card. You are also required to show your ID before swiping the card through the self-service beer machine’s bar-code reader.

The Packers note that the machines allow you to pour less beer than the allowed limit if you wish. Therefore, if you aren’t into beer and you only want to have a taste of the beer brands as you enjoy the game and chew on your snacks, you are welcome to do so. It’s also possible to change from one beer brand to another though the brands are restricted to Oktoberfest and Miller Lite.

What the Fans Stand to Gain

Self-serve beer stations are expected to be different as things are likely to move on faster. Preliminary events such as getting into the stadium are for instance anticipated to move on smoothly without having to wait in queues to get your share of the beer. People who have never gotten the chance to grab a beer because they are always a minute or so late don’t have to worry this time around for it will take a shorter time to grab your beer compared to the previous seasons.

Since this is a Green Bay Packers initiative, spending a couple of 20s on the beer is a unique way to offer your support besides demonstrating that you’re a true Wisconsin football fan with heart for your team.

Reasons Why Scott Walker Won Re-Election in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Governor - Copy

Scott Walker, the Republican governor of the state of Wisconsin, won his re-election on November 4th 2014. During the voting that took place on the day of the latest midterm elections, Walker managed to push through and prevailed against his challenger Mary Burke from the Democratic Party. Before the voting began, Burke and Walker were neck to neck in the polls. But, in spite of this fact, the Republican successfully defended his position and got another mandate from the citizens of this US state. Here are the reasons why Scott Walker won re-election in Wisconsin.

Firstly, the governor was deemed the Tea Party pick for this election, which assured him a strong conservative backing. Tea Party, which has successfully channeled the discontent of the people with the Barak Obama administration, provided Walker with an important boost to his campaign. The governor, aged 47, is seen as someone who has presidential aspirations, and a knack for survival, which was also shown in 2012 when he beat back a labor supported initiative which demanded his recall.

On the eve of his victory, Walker told his jubilant supporters that he and his team thought about the future generation more than they did about these elections. His backers were ecstatic because of his win, shouting “four more years” during the celebratory speeches. Some told the present journalist that they are more than excited thanks to the results.

Walker received national attention in the conservative circles back in 2011. That year, just a few weeks after he took his office, the governor decided to present legislation that were designed to curb the power of unions active in the state’s public sector. The same events brought about the backlash that called for his recall, but Walker stood his ground and eventually outlasted the attacks on his office.

Recently, he published a biography that focuses on his political campaigns, which many saw as a definite sign that he has serious presidential ambitions for the upcoming 2016 elections. In his latest campaign, he focused on the improvements that were achieved in the state’s economy and decrease in its budget deficit. At the same time, he avoided going into controversial issues for conservative voters like same-sex marriage or the question of abortion.

When these facts are combined, the question of why Scott Walker won re-election in Wisconsin can be answered by a very smart and organized campaign that focused on jobs and steered clear of social controversy. This produced an image of Walker as a conservative who is honest and driven in the economic field like state budget and job creating, which proved to be the decisive fact that brought about his re-election.